Collision Course with Conspiracy

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Afrostein Rising: Modern Prometheus Unbound

Afrofuturism unbound, the metaphor of the Frankenstein Monster is employed in the exploration of black modalities of collective evolution and transcendence.

To the Children of Privilege: An earnest missive in lieu of intellectual, emotional or physical violence

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Justice and Equality: Flashpoints of conscious connection

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The Echo of Tribal Mind

People get along, until the structures and institutions of society get in the way. I’ve been around neo-nazis and noi, … More



The world is changing. There is little doubt of this. Systems millennia in the making have reached the apex of … More


The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin: Fear of a black planet revisited

The recent outcry regarding the Trayvon Martin murder seemed to be yet another example of societal segmentation and division. But … More