Time is NOT on our side …

It’s like being a fish in water or, if you like, just people and air. You don’t notice what is all around you but for those outside of the fishbowl or who are looking in from space, as embattled folk seem to do sometimes, it is so clearly visible. Yet, it is difficult to explain, as many have absolutely no reference point for an alternative view of our shared and co-created reality.

Even so, seeing it does not help immediately and in a manner you can easily point to and say “there, I see now, things can change”. Because the strictures of culture and the systemic institutions of society are shared. By privileged and non-privileged alike. The system itself is embedded with conscious amd subconscious inequality. Language is. The Internet, even coding and programming, is.

Most people don’t like to change. Find it hard to do so. And it is hard, to change lifelong perceptions and habits. Especially when you see no material value in doing so. Which those who are privileged generally don’t. And so they are not pressed, as the oppressed are, to constantly consider the state of things, as that state is currently aligned in their favor.

So there’s a lot of argumentation. Debate. General lackadaisical behavior. As if we have time. As if these issues were not pressing. As if the state of the American Experiment was not teetering on the brink of dissolution.

A daunting reality. But hope remains. In each one who sees and shares what they see with someone who doesn’t. One person at a time until a cascade of understanding is created and a preponderance of those previously sightless has coalesced and found common cause with the Global Majority. A day that must come.

Sooner rather than later.


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