Can Truth be a Physical Force of Creation?

Have you ever been faced with a decision? 

A space of being in which you are presented with polar choices? One choice is correct and the other is incorrect? And the incorrect choice is easier? Is the choice that keeps you out of immediate trouble?

How many of you have made that easier choice to stay out of trouble in lieu of the harder choice that would have meant standing under judgement right then and there? How many have run, lied, cheated or stolen instead of done what was right and accepted the consequences of their actions or inactions? 

Sometimes, those choices can be Crossroads Decisions. 

We are all, often, faced with small choices of this nature. And other times, the consequences are greater and the choice is bigger, whether we realize it or not. 

In those moments though, it is sometimes possible to actually recognize the significance of that choice point. And you realize that you somehow have to make the hard decision, in that particular moment, to accept the immediate consequences of standing up for your misdeeds. Even if you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it will result in bad things in your life. 

In my experience, a choice point arose in which I had to make a fundamental choice between right and wrong. To tell the truth or to lie; to run, or to stay and face the consequences. Those consequences, in this instance, were dire indeed. 

I was fired. Escorted from the building by security. Lost a $50,000 a year corporate job. All because I was bored, resentful and thoughtless. 

It would have been easy to lie. To put off the inevitable reckoning with destiny that the attempt to obfuscate my culpability might have resulted in. 

But something happened. 


I felt my body being moved, almost against my will, toward my date with authority, my mouth uttering truths which my mind so desperately wanted to lie about to stay out of trouble, my body language and mind numbed to any path but the right one. I was in a haze, a daze and the shock of the moment had me floating above my body watching from a prescient point above as I marched toward what I knew would be my professional doom.

The immediate consequences were devastating. But I was set on the direct path toward what hindsight has revealed as my destiny. The jobs I received afterwards, lesser in pay but fulfilling to the soul, were perfectly related to my deepest heart’s expression and resulted in novels published and the highest degree path followed. 

Many years have now passed since that experience. Tumultuous ups and downs have occurred in my life since then. But I have never been able to take the low road since. Never had the slightest inclination to make the lesser choice in life direction and moral choice. 

The result: sometimes I don’t even understand my own decisions! But I know, without the slightest doubt, that they are correct, for me and my strange, mysterious destiny. 

People may not understand your choices in life, but once you have felt right and wrong warring inside you and the immovable force of right undeniably asserting itself with irrevocable consequences, it becomes impossible to believe that your conscious mind and selfish needs alone are responsible for your decisions and paths in life. 

There are Greater Forces at work. 

It was a crossroads event in my life. From that point on, my life decisions have been made from a perceptive point decidedly fixed within the auric splendor of Light rather than Darkness and while the space separating the polarities is often indeterminate, something inherent and deep within has provided me with higher assistance. 

Thinking back on your life experiences right now, perhaps you can recognize such an event in your life as well. 

What choice did you make? Do you regret it or stand by it? How has it made you the person you are today? 

Are you a better person now than you were then? 

And, finally, are you comfortable with your internal responses to these questions? Or do you feel that another choice point lies on the near horizon where your orientation towards the Light or the Darkness will again be challenged by synchronistic choice, whimsy and circumstance? 

Do you already know what you will choose, then?



    1. Synchronistic occurrences mark the path of the blessed, those walking in knowledge and growth. I am honored to have been a part of your journey.Thank you for this note.

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