The Cloud: The altar of materiality

Sacred Space in Time

It was something that everybody knew but was rarely talked about. Like breath, intimate bodily functions and death. Accompanying every moment stealthily, subsumed beneath the cascade of thoughts, the cultural programming, the words, the actions of engaging daily life.

A cry and a laugh projected into the world. A thought whispered, shouted, emotions ripping like a ripple through time. Eyes easily locked during casual conversation unforced indicate no internal boundaries between friends dissolving distance. It is easy to take the status quo as the way things have always been. In the Now to forget then. Past experiences sepia with distance. Now demands presence, more or less.

Ignored by virtue of omniscience. Omnipresence. Omnipotence. Like air, the geomachinations of oceans and continents and electromagnetic saturation. Existing awash in emanations of the energetic, vibratory resonations interacting in complex fractals of influence and potency.


Each of us. Interwoven like strands in a…

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