The Obama Phenomenon: Alternative knowledge, elite machinations and the fulcrum of destiny

It is important that I add this particular blog to my collection, here on MAR.

Sacred Space in Time

There are greater energies at play currently than those we pay attention to. The culmination of many thousands of years of human history is here. The phenomenon of Barack Hussein Obama cannot be taken out of the context of the history of Western Civilization, the American Experiment and the continual coalescence of global society. It is also important to add the lesser known aspects of the control matrix to the equation. The mind control initiatives, the economic restructuring of the West and the world consolidating the hegemony of a Western-based global elite to the detriment of the rest of the planet. The question of the gold, the technological repression of Nazi International, their known adherence to mystical streams of power-mongering, and the continuing world changes. The potentially continuous presence and influence of extraterrestrial interests. All of this is reaching a peak now.

That Barack Hussein Obama is president now is…

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  1. Hello Mark
    I have now had time to read your excellent piece of research in full and find unsurprisingly that I concur with all the points you raise about how and more importantly why Barrack Hussein Obama was groomed for the office of President of the U.S.

    It is my feeling that the global elite are indeed running scared and are not prepared to go down gracefully – much like a spoilt child: ‘If I can’t have it, then no-one will’ … Mr. Obama has indeed been ‘set-up’ to be an offering who can be destroyed if and when necessary.

    I am staggered by the depth of research you have managed to attain in this article – some of which I have completed myself, which attracted me to it in the first place in fact I think this piece is nothing short of brilliant and my hat goes off to you in respect!

    I was quite taken by your mention of genetic manipulation and ‘his’ likeness to Akhenaten – I have been fortunate enough to have visited Egypt and on first seeing a representation of Akhenaten my thoughts were that there is an extreme likeness between the two. I am certain it must be obvious to the meanest intelligence that Akhenaten’s Dynastic roots are indeed African unlike the media et al would have us believe European and Caucasian …

    I was quite taken by your notion that the Illuminati forces are attempting to ‘hijack’ destiny in using Obama’s genetic potential to forestall their own reckoning – in my view an excellent summation of the current situation! One wonders how they plan to proceed should the need arise to terminate Obama if he neither produces their expected result or goes off like a loose cannon against them and if so, how they intend to deal with any backlash which would surely ensue … I have my suspicions that Obama is actually nobody’s fool and who knows what his intentions truly are?

    Apropos your mention of the next president, I personally believe that the Illuminati have placed themselves in an untenable position and to replace him would be impossible, it will be interesting to see how this scenario plays out! Perhaps the United States of America may find it is no longer a dominant force in the world and thus whosoever is in charge will make not a jot of difference to the world as a whole.

    I look forward to ‘The Reckoning’ with much interest …
    Apologies for the delay in replying to you, I have been rather overtaken by unforeseen events recently and have to snatch a brief moment for myself when time allows.

    As ever my best regards to you and yours. JP

    1. Hi John, thank you for reading! Sorry for the late reply. We are in the midst of this shift and we will see how it goes. Hopefully the forces of positivity will win the day, although I have no idea what that may look like.

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