Cultivating the Petty Tyrant

Sacred Space in Time

Do you know someone who just upsets you to no end? That you can’t seem to keep from ruining your mood and sending you spiraling down into anger, sadness or self-pity?

Is this person your boss?  Perhaps a friend? Or even a family member? Someone who thinks they are better than you and that put you down at every opportunity; that plays with your mind, heart and even your soul?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might have a Petty Tyrant in your life.

Carlos Castaneda wrote his doctoral dissertation on his journeys in the deserts of the Southwest with a Yaqui Sorcerer named Don Juan, who taught him the path of the Man of Power. While some have questioned the reality of Don Juan’s existence, the wisdom he taught remains perennial and relevant to the lives of those seeking answers to the deepest…

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  1. Great post!!!! The last two have been written in language I can understand….:-))….. Keep up the great work!!!

    Love you,



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