The Seventh Sense

Sacred Space in Time

There are the five normative sense of the kinetic, aural, oral, olfactory and optometric natures. There is the sixth sense of intuition and ability. And there is a new, seventh sense. The cybernetic.

People are becoming more integrated with machinery every day. From pacemakers and bionic limbs to wearable computers and miniature microchips the human body is becoming more and more a repository of silicon augmentation as technology continues to leap into the future.

While most people’s connection to this increasingly sophisticated technological reality is generally accessed through their communications devices the integration of cell phone and computer technology into daily life has become so ubiquitous as to be generally unremarked upon.

There are the obvious questions of safety as electromagnetic energy of a foreign nature interacts with the natural fields of the body, as we are immersed within the artificially induced batteries and structures of our devices combined with…

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  1. Son, this is a Nice posting!!!!! Lots of truth and originality in this one…… Love you, Momma

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